Heluka Method

Standard Terms:  Heluka Method

NW Farm Review considers the “Heluka Method” to be as defined by the standard originator, in summary it is :

‘Heluka Pigs are defined primarily by their ability to act as pigs in an unfettered, safe, comfortable and free environment.  Access to outdoors, access to other pigs and room to play.  No hormones or antibiotics allowed during the lifespan of the Pig, and all Heluka pig products are produced without adding artificial ingredients or preservatives.  It’s goal is to is to benefit the welfare of the pigs as well as the palate and health of the consumer.

The Heluka Method is a standard set up by Beeler’s and defined by them.  As such any use of the term will be reserved to those farms that recieve a Heluka certification directly from Beeler’s.    More information can be found on this external link: the Beeler Difference.


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