Dyne’s Broadview Farms


Broadview Farms is a large producer of eggs in the Pacific Northwest.  Their website boasts over 300,000 egg laying hens, and while their homepage image states “hand gathered eggs”, we at NW Farm Review think that remains highly unlikely due to the number of eggs per employee (~60 employees).  That being said, Broadview Farms has had some of the cheapest, quality eggs available for years.

One member of NW Farm Review has purchased Broadview eggs for as long as he can remember, though he recently did switch to their free-range eggs or competitors certified organic eggs due to concerns over the egg quality.

Once concern with their eggs is the use of the “Vegetarian Diet”.  That term generally denotes a healthy diet for non-free range chickens, but when used on eggs that are being sold as “Free-Range” that by definition must also exclude bugs and other creatures that Chickens are prone to eating while in an outside environment.   This adds some discomfort to just how “free-range” the chickens and still able to qualify their diet as vegetarian.  Hopefully this just implies that the food fed to them is vegetarian in addition to what they may find outside.  This will be updated as more information is gathered.



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