Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy


Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy is a Lynden based Dairy Farm, certified Organic processor and producer of Milk and other dairy products.  They are a small, family farm, with under 200 milking cows and 400 acres of land.  Their dairy however is not specifically Grass Fed as the cows are in the pasture only as weather permits between April and October of every year.

They Vat Pasteurize on site.

No information available about Raw Milk on their website but more information will be available once contact is made.

Dairy Products:

  • Whole Milk
  • 2% Reduced Fat Milk
  • 1% Lowfat Milk
  • Fat Free Milk
    • Available in gallons and half gallons
  • Half & Half
  • Heavy Whipping Cream
    • Available in gallons, half gallons, quarts, and pints


Misc Info:


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