Poultry: Vegetarian Diet

Poultry: Vegetarian Diet


NWFarm Review sees a Vegetarian Diet for birds as both a curse and a blessing.  With regards to low quality poultry and eggs, a vegetarian diet is great.  It confirms that the birds are not in close range to other birds, getting in fights, or even pecking at other bird’s carcasses as has been shown through various food documentaries.  So when not many choices are available, and cheap eggs is the choice, choose an egg that is labeled as Vegetarian Diet.  That should at least verify that it isn’t from one of the mass farms where chicken’s are treated abysmally.


Chicken’s were not meant to feed on an all vegetarian diet.  Chickens that are Fully Free Range enjoy a diet of whatever they feel like in the open air, which while probably supplemented by a vegetarian diet, will include bugs and other creatures deemed good to eat.  In combination, a Free-Range label and a Vegetarian Diet label is conflicting; at best the Vegetarian Diet label is supposed to mean “supplemented by”, at worst it means “Free-Range” is a few minutes outside in a dry, non-grassy environment where bugs don’t want to live.

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