Stiebrs Farms


Stiebrs Farms appears to be a well run, family farm since 1953.  Since the founding they have grown to employ about 70 people and produce high quality eggs, beef, and hen feed.  We have personally purchased, and deliciously enjoyed their Go-Organic Omega-3, Certified Humane, free range, Certified Organic eggs.  Basically an egg with nearly every “good” certification.

The only downfall we can see here is that from the pictures available on their website (I’d recommend their online “farm tour”, which doesn’t allow direct links) the chicken’s are not quite Pasture Raised, but considering that the hens have plenty of space outdoors and access to a fully organic, made by the Stiebrs Farms feed we aren’t really complaining.


  • Organic Omega-3 Eggs (Large Brown)
  • Organic Eggs (Brown M,L, XL, Jumbo)
  • Cage-Free Eggs (M,L,XL White & Brown)
  • Cage-Free Omega-3 Eggs (Large White)
  • Fry-N-Try Eggs (Jumbo, AA, White & Brown)
  • Duck Eggs
  • Organic, Grass-Fed Beef
  • Organic Feed


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6 Responses to Stiebrs Farms

  1. jessa says:

    hello- in regard to stiebrs farms, i am wondering if you know the difference between the “fry-n-try” eggs that they sell and the cage free eggs that they sell. are the hens living on the same farm? are they treated differently? i mean, are some hens segregated from others so they can be given less outside time? i have had a very hard time in seeking this information. any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

    • nwfarmreview says:

      Hi Jessa, my guess is that the “fry-n-try” eggs are their generic eggs that aren’t classified as Cage-Free, Organic, or Omega-3. According to their FAQ their feed is still vegetarian (see our post on Poultry Veggie Diet) so no animal feces and other unpleasantries. Nor do I think that these “fry-n-try” eggs are fed their organic milled feed that Stiebrs Farm makes. So in summary, my guess is that the “fry-n-try” eggs are marginally better than any normal “natural” & “vegetarian diet” eggs.

      I will attempt to contact them tomorrow to get a firm answer and will respond back here.

    • nwfarmreview says:

      Hi Jessa,
      I contacted them and most of what I said earlier applies. The “Fry-n-try” eggs are actually the original product that Stiebrs Farm produced. Those hens are a separate flock from the Organic, Omega-3, Free range flocks. They are kept indoors, and are not fed a strictly vegetarian diet.

      However, that flock is still Certified Humane (I will do a post on that soon) which requires:
      – that the food contain no “mammalian- or avian-derived protein … with the exception of eggs and egg products”.
      – No growth hormones.
      – No antibiotics unless for therapeutic reasons and only under the direction of a veterinarian
      – Access to Fresh and uncontaminated water and feed
      – Birds must have access to Perches, Nests and be able to stretch their wings.

      In the end, these hens are not going to be as good in our opinion as the organic free range omega-3 eggs, but the Certified Humane label boosts these eggs up a couple notches above the normal “egg factory” farms.

      Edit: Certified Humane post is up.

  2. Scott says:

    Stiebrs Fry and Try eggs are not Certified Humane and are not cage free or organic. They are conventonal eggs in conventional cages.

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