Egg Comparison

The morning meal often composes of a scrumptious breakfast burrito.   Composed often of bacon or sausage, broccoli, Tillamook cheese, nutritional yeast, flax, walnuts, seasonings, and of course an egg.  But this isn’t a cooking blog so don’t get me started!
Anyways, this morning I thought I’d take a look and compare the Broadview Free Range eggs @ $3.49 for a dozen (left egg) with Stieber Farms Organic, Omega-3 Eggs @ $4.99 a dozen (right egg); nearly a 50% price increase.

As you can see, not too much difference.  Supposedly, healthier free range chickens produce a darker yellow yolk, versus the factory bred ‘n fed hens.  Luckily, as is the case from the shown picture, the Broadview Free Range eggs appear to be the same as the Stieber Farms Certified Organic, free range, Omega-3 eggs.  That boosts Broadview Eggs in this egg eater’s opinion, if the eggs had a difference in color I would have suspected Broadview’s “Free Range” classification, but so far so good!

Note:  Upon a closer inspection, the the Stieber Farms egg appears to be imperceptibly darker yellow, but it’s such a faint difference that I didn’t notice it at first.

One difference that is noticeable from the above picture is the size of the yolk.  The Stieber Farms egg produces a larger yolk, however, the eggs purchased are both described as Grade AA Large Brown.  Taking a brief look at the size of the shells also seems to show that the Stieber Farms hens produce slightly larger eggs (or are sorted differently).  Though the Stieber Farms eggs do vary more from smaller to larger.  The Broadview eggs are a little more consistent in size.

Click on any of the pictures to see them full-size.

Ahh, and last but not least, Beeler’s Bacon makes an excellent grease to use while cooking your eggs.  A grocery shopper would be hard pressed to find a better quality lard than from Heluka Pigs.  The lard is the brownish grease color visible on the edge of the eggs in the above picture


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