Pasture Raised

Standard Terms:  Pasture Raised

The term “Pasture Raised” is what the term implies.  The animals were raised on pasture, not in cages, not on hay or wooden slats; but on their natural, generally green, pasture.  NorthWest Farm Review considers “Pasture Raised” to be as follows:

‘Pasture Raised’ means that all the animals have open access to fresh pasture during daylight hours, suitably protected from predators.

NW Farm Review’s considers Pasture Raised to be one of the best standards a farm can have for it’s animals.  Often, due to overgrazing and environment destruction being Pasture Raised also means that pasture access is rotated to allow for re-growth of pasture.

Cattle Specific

The Term “Grass Fed” can also imply Pasture Raised for cattle, but needs to be specified if the cow was “finished” with grain at the end of its life.  Doing so negates many of the health benefits to the end user (meat eater).


  1. Pastured Poultry FAQ: Pastured Chicken
  2. Wikipedia: Pasture Raised regarding Cattle

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