Willows Edge Farm


Willows Edge Farm is a local farm that seems to specialize in poultry and horses.  NWFarm Review focuses on the poultry and eggs as horse care is a wee bit outside our niche.  The farm treats their animals with the utmost respect in an attempt to give them a decent life, devoid of stress.  And as we all know, that kind of life makes for premium meat, and premium eggs.  Due to their practices and quantity available, their eggs and meat is in such high demand that they can be often out of stock for non-regular customers.


  • Pork (Half/Whole Hog)
  • Chicken
  • Eggs


  • Pastured Free Range
  • No Antibiotics, Hormones, MSG
  • No Teeth, Ear, Beak cutting (animal mutilation)

Misc Info:

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4 Responses to Willows Edge Farm

  1. […] were finally able to find a time to go out and purchase some eggs from Willow’s Edge Farm.  As you can see from above, these aren’t your normal mono colored (white or brown) eggs.  […]

  2. […] is a picture comparing the Dog Mountain Farm Goose Egg to a batch (partially eaten) of Willows Edge Farm to compare the size of the shelled Goose Egg with normal sized eggs.  The size difference […]

  3. Thank you so much for the great review. We wanted to drop a note and let you know that we have finally moved and found a larger farm to call home.
    While still in the Northwest, we are just outside of Boise in the small farming community of Kuna. We still will be raising chickens and pigs in the same “small batches with lots of love” way we always have, but are going to be adding the much anticipated, dual purpose Irish Dexter cattle soon and have plans to add lamb for 2013.
    We hope that if your travels ever take you to this corner of the Northwest that you will come by and let us show you what we’re building over here!
    Thanks much,
    Scott & Corinne Logan
    Willows Edge Farm

    • nwfarmreview says:

      I saw that you had the farm for sale. Glad to know you found a suitable buyer and a new home! Boise isn’t that far away so there will probably be a trip sometime in the semi-distant future.
      Will the Bothell farm be continued under the new owners, and who are they if that is public information?
      John @ NWFarmReview
      PS, my wife simply loves lamb so good choice on that one!

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