Goose Egg

My wife recently saw a selection of offerings from Dog Mountain Farm at her work in Seattle and was surprised to see that they were selling Geese eggs.  Naturally, it was a must try.

First things first, these eggs are monstrosities!  I’ve included a picture from a prior Egg Comparison so you can judge for yourself the difference in size.  The yolk itself is easily twice the diameter, maybe three times the volume of the yolk from a Chicken.  I’ve come across plenty of eggs in my life time (Chicken & Duck primarily so nothing large) but haven’t had the opportunity to cook such a large egg.  In all respects, I understand that a Goose egg really isn’t that large compared to many available eggs in this world, but for a suburban city dweller as myself, that is one big egg.

Even cracking up the egg had to be done differently.  I initially went at it as one would a normal egg, but found that a single “smack” on an edge and thumbs to peel apart probably wouldn’t work.  It seemed that if I pried it apart as such I was going to get goose egg shell all over my frying pan and in my egg.  After cracking the egg around it’s perimeter a few more times I was able to deposit it into my waiting cast iron frying pan with sizzling Tillamook butter.

Taste wise I recommend geese eggs.  One would think that maybe they would be a bit “gamier” tasting (don’t ask me what I mean by that), but in reality it was a different tasting, just as good as a chicken, egg.  The taste might actually be better.  I’d have to do a strict comparison to be sure.

This particular egg ended up having the yolk popped (on purpose so my wife doesn’t gag on the delicious yellow liquid of life), fried, and on a breakfast burrito with some US Wellness Meats Natural Smoked Bratwurst, Tillamook Cheese, crushed walnuts and various seasonings; similar in style to what was eaten on this Egg Review.

Below is a picture comparing the Dog Mountain Farm Goose Egg to a batch (partially eaten) of Willows Edge Farm to compare the size of the shelled Goose Egg with normal sized eggs.  The size difference isn’t as visible here, as the above yolk shows; but it is a sizable comparison.


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