Willow’s Eggs

We were finally able to find a time to go out and purchase some eggs from Willow’s Edge Farm.  As you can see from above, these aren’t your normal mono colored (white or brown) eggs.  The two dozen I purchased was a veritable cornucopia of colors.  Okay, not quite as many colors as that, but I just love that phrase.  Anywhoo, the eggs from Willow’s Edge are obvious at first glance that this is a small, local operation.  The variety of colors as shown above but also the variety of shapes.  Those of us who are used to going to Safeway for our eggs are used to the eggs being all the same shape, almost like something produced on an assembly line.  I think that it is standard for “non-normal” looking eggs to get sold to other retailers for purposes that require eggs as an ingredient.  Thus, the eggs that look the best get sold directly to the consumer.  I don’t know if Willow’s Edge Farm does that, but I definitely had a variety of egg shapes.  Egg shape doesn’t seem to affect the taste, and the volume was about the same.

Below is a comparison of the above ‘elongated’ egg and a “normal” white egg, from the same batch of eggs purchased from Willow’s Edge Farm.


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