Disappearence of 2011

Oops. Sorry everyone for my 2 month disappearance without warning.  My wife and I spent 3 weeks of June in Kenya traveling with WorldCOMP Kenya to see their myriad of activities down there.  So there was planning before hand and processing afterwords, mixed of course with a relentless drive towards laziness.  We were planning on going to the August medical camps mentioned on their websites but the vacation time in August wasn’t working out for us.  I’ve been blogging about that on a personal travel blog (2nd time to Kenya, first time I had to leave because of their election violence in 2008-2009) and if you are curious privately contact us for that blogs link.  Do to some of that blogging we just haven’t gotten around back to this site and so I apologize.

But, I’m back and I will have a post soon on Acres In Zion farms where you can purchase a cow for your edible delight.  Last year I had gone in with some family and purchased a 1/2 cow (1/8 for my wife and I) and this year we will buy ground beef from them through a friend who is purchasing a cow for $3.85/lb which is a fantastic price for grass fed, local beef.  I will also check up on Stieber’s Farms Fry n’ Try eggs due to a reader’s comment about those being conventional eggs.


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