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National Food Corporation is a ~55 year old company that has produced eggs from the beginning.  While they have a simple and easily navigable website, it lacks some of the information that is desirable for research purposes and I need to contact them for additional information.

They produce eggs and egg products and have been doing so since 1956 but one thing to note is that they generally don’t sell the eggs in an obviously “National Food Corporation” carton.  They have a variety of different brands that the eggs are sold under with a small stamp on the back mentioning National Food Corp.  See their website – here – for their list of specialty egg brands.  They do sell a variety, organic, free-range and Omega-3 fed, as well as their ‘nominal’ brown eggs.

All of National Food Corporations egg products are UEP Certified, which while it does maintain a good minimum set of overall guidelines regarding space, hormone use, diet, medication, … it isn’t top of the line if you are concerned about such things.  For those that are, they do produce Free-Range, USDA Organic eggs.  Again, as with most Free-Range labeled eggs, they are generally housed in large open buildings with limited access to the outdoors.

I have personally only consumed their Naturally Nested brand eggs ($2.99 for a dozen @ Safeway Sept 2011), and they had surprisingly large yolks.  At the time the only yolks I could compare it to where Stieber Farms eggs and on average the Naturally Nested eggs had larger yolks for a similar sized shell.  I will have to do another egg comparison in the future.


  • Eggs (Omega 3, Brown, Organic, Free Range)
  • Misc other Egg Products


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  1. nwfarmreview says:

    Update 10/21/11: Added Pricing for Naturally Nested Eggs

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