Commentary: What Will Keep Our Food Safe?

I found an article about food safety and food certifications on an economics site if you can believe it.  Find it here:

In a very brief summary (it’s a brief article) it discusses some of the issues people are having with the USDA Organic label versus private labeling or just “practicing organic”.  The author briefly discusses a CSA he uses and links to another article about it; though I just glanced at it and didn’t read it fully.  He comes to the conclusion the USDA Organic label could easily be replaced by the variety of private certification labels already around.  I tend to agree.  A lot of good, small farms out there don’t even use the USDA Organic label due to it’s expense but just use the best practices available to them; which tend to be organic anyways.  It’s just the monetary cost and time cost that prevents them from doing so.

Anyways, check it out; decent article and I thought I’d share.


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