Verde Farms

Verde FarmsSummary:

Verde Farms is a reseller of organic beef under it’s own name for a few farms based in the US, Australia and Uruguay.  They sell primarily Organic Beef but are continually looking for more sources of organic, grass fed beef.  One of the main sources for grass fed, USDA Organic is Uruguay; and nearby Argentina is where the Verde Farms was born in a sense.  The founder of Verde Farms, Dana Ehrlich, visited a Ranch while living in Argentina and became interested in what kind of beef is bought by consumers in the US; at which point Verde Farms was born to bring high quality, Organic beef to US Consumers.

According to their website Verde Farms currently only supplies to the East Coast in the US; however Top Foods in Washington sells a variety of Verde Farms beef (multiple cuts, sizes, and ground beef).


  • Organic Beef (all cuts and sizes)
  • Organic Ground Beef
  • Organic, Grass Fed Beef
  • Organic, Grass Fed Ground Beef


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