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NorthWest Farm Review is currently a Husband and Wife team – John and Heather – based in Seattle, Washington.  Heather and I have many interests, but NWFarm Review is specifically about the health of the food we eat which is something very dear to our hearts (stomach?).

Feel free to contact us about anything at the below email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. bruce scott says:

    I am wondering about the Fry and try eggs sold at New Seasons.
    I did write you some weeks ago but no reply as of yet. How are these Fry and Try eggs different from your others? Are they free range? How are they fed? I would just like the details of what makes
    the Fry and Try eggs cheaper to buy. I welcome your response. Please include a phone number so I may talk to you.

    bruce scott

  2. Hi Bruce,
    Sorry I missed your email. Check your inbox. See the comments on this page:
    In summary, I would personally assume that Fry n Try eggs are only marginally better then a generic store brand.

  3. Diane Hass says:

    We would like to find some good old natural beef & chickens. Do you use steroids and growth hormones in your animals?

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